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To understand the advantages of laminate flooring you need to know what makes this product so unique.

Manufacturers, who make this flooring, fuse together multiple layers of man-made products. This flooring is made to simulate different types of flooring such as wood or stone. This process adds a layer of applique, affecting some other type of flooring. A transparent protective coating is then applied to add an element of durability. The inner part of this flooring is made from fiberboard and an antimicrobial melamine resin. 

Laminate is fast becoming an affordable option for homeowners compared to other options. Homeowners opt for this type of flooring because of its versatility, low maintenance, and affordability. 

When you are shopping for flooring and are considering this material, look at the pros and cons.  The planks or tiles clean quickly and easily. It is recommended to sweep, dry dust or vacuum this floor daily because dirt and grime from shoes can wear on the material over the years. 

Many tiles shift over months and slip out of place. This material offers protection from expansion. It does not adhere to the subfloor. The pieces interlock and adhere to one another. This process allows for changes in temperature and humidity that would otherwise affect the floor, allowing for contraction and expansion of the tiles. 

You cannot refinish this material. If there are areas showing wear over time, the whole floor needs to be replaced. Laminate is available in different thickness. Thicker types may last longer.

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