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Hardwood flooring has been a traditional type of foundation finishing for a home for centuries, with some of the most beautiful examples still available to see in preserved historical sites and buildings worldwide. For the homeowner, however, one doesn’t have to travel to exotic lands. That said, understanding a bit how the choices vary and what they can provide as a floor material is important before committing to a purchase.

Don’t Forget the Subfloor

With hardwood flooring there is no foam layer underneath like in one would find in the case of carpeting. Instead, the most that stands between the wood paneling and the home’s foundation if sitting on a concrete slab is the concrete itself. On suspended homes where the foundation is on stilts, then there is usually a heavy timber floor level that acts as the foundation instead. In both cases, on the bottom floor a vapor barrier needs to be laid down first to ensure that moisture does not creep upwards from the foundation to the wood paneling layer. In most cases this is a very thick plastic sheet that is spread down across the entire floor before the wood is installed. In the case of a second floor or higher level, a thicker barrier with some padding is used to dampen walking and noise so that steps don’t carry directly through to the bottom floor. Some wood panels come with their own padding attached, which is an added benefit but costs more.

Wood Type

With the subfloor out of the way, wood type is the next big issue. There are hard woods and soft woods. The more appealing colors often tend to catch the eye and consumers’ interest, but these also tend to be softer and much more vulnerable to scratching as well as wear and tear. Given the difference, a homeowner should give a hard consideration to how a room is used before choosing a wood for the floor. Light use can definitely take advantage of more colors and wood types. Heavy use rooms like the main hallways and family room should opt for a harder wood that will stand up over the years. Also consider the use of rugs for high traffic areas. This is a common method of preserve the life of a wood floor overall.

Our staff is versed on all wood types and would be happy to discuss different options and questions customers may have about hardwood flooring. 

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