• Oct 07, 2014
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Beautifully Simple DIY Wreath

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This simple, beautiful  DIY wreath is easy to make and you can use it to add a personal touch to your holiday entertaining in so many ways.

diy home decor


A Few Ideas:


  1. Dress up a simple pillar candle by adding these wreaths to the base. Use several for a centerpiece or just one in a guest bath.
  2. Use these as place card holders for an autumn table all your friends will envy.
  3. Tie a ribbon to these wreaths and you have an instant homemade ornament. Perfect for favors or gifts.
  4. Dress up a package with this wreath.
  5. Attach magnets to the back of these wreaths and use them on the fridge to hold up holiday cards and kids’ art.


Make this wreath.

diy home decor


  • Small grapevine wreaths
  • Small cinnamon sticks
  • Medium white and black pom poms
  • Walnuts in their shell.
  • Hot glue gun

Optional Supplies

  • Ribbon
  • Candles
  • Magnets
  • Card Stock

1. Attach walnuts randomly to the wreath with hot glue.

diy home decor

2. Add cinnamon sticks between walnuts

diy home decor

3. Fill in with pom poms.

diy home decor

4. Allow wreath to dry completely.


This wreath is so simple and you can make it completely your own. Here a version where we swapped out the walnuts and pom poms for cranberries and hazelnuts. Same procedure, different look!



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