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The Benefits of Area Rugs

Benefits Of Area Rugs

Area Rugs For Your Home

Due to the increasing popularity of hardwood floors and a continuing desire for exotic, well-made products, there are perhaps more rugs on the planet today than there have ever been before. But while decoration and style may be the main reason why many consumers purchase area rugs for their homes, the benefits of these rugs extend well beyond just looking great and feeling great.  Here’s a closer look at a few of the many benefits of area rugs:

5 Benefits of Area Rugs

Warmth: By "warmth," we're not just talking about the comfortable feel of an area rug on your bare feet, but also what it can bring to a room's overall ambiance. Yes, area rugs are inviting and can bring a sense of coziness to any room of the house.

Ease of Maintenance: Rugs are relatively easy to care for through vacuuming and occasional beating. However, if your rugs are valuable and high-end, we'd recommend taking the cleaning process a step further and have them professionally washed. Not only can a professional deep clean the rugs, but they can also restore any areas of it that are become worn or frayed.

Safety/Stability: Assuming that your rugs are placed over hardwood floors or tile flooring, area rugs can provide a bit of a safety area in terms of gaining traction while walking. They can also provide a soft place to land. Additionally, area rugs can serve as "placeholders" for furniture to keep chairs, tables and more from moving about with ease on a hard surface.

Sound Reduction: One disadvantage to hardwood floors and tiles is that they don't do a good job of absorbing sound. In fact, they can make a room louder. That's another benefit of an area rug, as it can help absorb sound within a room to reduce the overall noise.

Stain/Scratch Hider: Lastly, area rugs can also be used to hide those one or two scratches on the floor, or the part of the floor that was exposed to moisture and became warped. Hardwood floors can be expensive to restore, so area rugs can be somewhat of that unsung hero in keeping a room looking nice without having to completely renovate the flooring. 

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